Corel Painter 2016 redefines the industry’s most expressive digital art experience

Corel just released Painter 2016, the latest version of our industry-leading digital paint program. For any Painter user who is still running on a previous version, we invite you to check out this must-have update! With 131 brand new brushes, boosted performance and enhanced learning content, Painter 2016 is a dramatic leap forward and continues to set the standard in digital art. See for yourself with our free 30-day trial!


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Corel Painter and the gaming community: An interview with Daniel Strom and Louise Meijer of Guru Games

We recently had a conversation with Daniel Strom and Louise Meijer from Guru Games, a Swedish based game development company that is currently in the process of releasing their first game, Magnetic: Cage Closed. The game is getting comparisons to Portal, the popular puzzle platform video game from 2007.

Daniel is the CEO and Louise is a 2D artists for Guru Games. We began working with Louise, and asked her to try Painter X3 and eventually Painter 2015. It wasn’t long before she was creating official artwork for Painter Essentials 5. She then introduced us to Daniel and Guru Games and we have been working with them to get Corel and Painter more involved in the gaming community.

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Have your HDR preset added to PaintShop Pro!


As the Corel Photo team prepares to bring the newest version of PaintShop Pro to the world, we want to give you the chance to share your creativity in HDR and let your name become part of the next version of PaintShop Pro!

If you are already a pro at creating your own HDR presets, fill out the request form with your name, email address, preset name and description. If your preset is accepted, it will be added to the next version of PaintShop Pro with the name you have chosen.

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Can graphic design contests benefit your career?

“I saw this as an opportunity to challenge myself … I felt that, in a best-case scenario, I might win or place high in one of the categories. In the worst case scenario, I would spend a lot of time creating a design that could be a nice show piece for our portfolio. But the goal was to try new things and challenge myself. Whatever happened, I would learn something along the way.” – Joe Diaz, winner of the 2011 CorelDRAW International Design Contest.

These days, it’s not hard to find a graphic design contest online. You may have even thought of entering one in the past, but wondered if the time investment was worth it. Well, we’re here to tell you that it is!

Whether you’re a full-time designer, freelancer or student, contests can help advance your career. It’s not always just about the prizes, although they can be pretty awesome, but rather the experience, exposure and critical analysis that comes from contests that you will find the most beneficial.

2011 CorelDRAW International Design Contest Winner - by Joe Diaz

2011 CorelDRAW International Design Contest Winner – by Joe Diaz

Here are some ways in which entering a design contest can benefit your career:

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JPEG vs RAW: Unlocking the true potential of your photos


Have you ever tried to rescue a photo with your photo-editing software only to find out that the image was way too overexposed or underexposed or the color balance is beyond hope, like the one below? This can be a problem and it’s one I often faced early on as a photographer when shooting under tough light conditions or in other tricky situations. However, it’s also something that can be solved quite easily if you learn to take control of your photos by exploring the difference between JPEG and RAW. But is one photo format really better than the other? Let’s take a look at the JPEG vs RAW debate, and photo from Alexander Vlad of Captivate Creative Studios that is part a series chronicling his trip to Romania, to see how making the jump to RAW can help you unlock the true potential of your photos.

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Corel Painter: Unlike any other paint program

We recently sat down with digital artist and Painter Master Michael Bast to chat with him about his work in both Corel Painter and other digital painting programs. As an artist, Michael makes his living using Painter. He shared his thoughts on how the program has influenced his career.


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Five things I learned while playing with Painter Essentials 5

Let’s get one thing out of the way, I’m not an artist. I love art. I love looking at it, studying it, talking about it and working with software that creates it. But if you were to ask me to draw something, you may be slightly disappointed in the stick figure I come back with.

When we released Painter Essentials 5 last week, I was asked to take the program for a spin. Heart palpitations followed. I worried that everyone would discover my lack of artistic talent; I would be found out and voted off the island! It got real.

Fortunately for me, Painter Essentials 5 is very easy to use. I had a lot of fun playing with the auto-painting and cloning features. I even ended up learning a few things about myself, which I bet you’re all dying to know! So let me take you on the journey of self-discovery and photo painting.

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The art of STANDING OUT in a social media world

My caricature, created in Painter

My profile picture, created in Painter

Turn your inspiration into art with Painter Essentials 5

Art is continually changing, but the explosion of mobile apps and online sharing transformed the art landscape forever. It took artistic freedom to a whole new level, giving both artists and wanna-be artists anytime access to creative tools.

The iPhone was the real game-changer. It turned a small phone that you can fit in your pocket into a powerful tool that you can use to actually make something. Suddenly, there were thousands of apps and devices out there that let you take photos, get creative, and simultaneously upload and publish your artwork to the entire planet.

Today, we’re a population obsessed with self-expression. Blogging, photo-sharing, video storytelling. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. YouTube. It’s all about creating and sharing—with everyone. After all, if the art never makes it to the audience, what’s the point?

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Time is running out to take advantage of free Corel software with the Teacher-Try-It Program


You may remember that earlier this year, Corel introduced the Teacher-Try-It Program, allowing qualified teachers and faculty members in the U.S. and Canada to download free Corel software. Educators looking to enhance their students’ technology skills can do so, with some of the world’s leading graphics, digital media and productivity software. Imagine the possibilities in the classroom! This limited-time offer is coming to end on December 1

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SGIA: What an Adventure!


A few weeks ago, I attended SGIA Expo 2014 in Las Vegas with some of my colleagues. This was my first trip to SGIA, and let me tell you what an adventure this was.

The Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center was buzzing with activity well before we arrived and still after we left. According to, the Expo had record attendance with over 25,000 registered attendees. This is not at all surprising considering the number of people that came to see us to say hello, ask questions or share their experience with our products for many years.

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